Welcome primitive earthling...

...to yet another Man or Astro-man? experiment.
After years of development, and multitudes of useless applications, the "internet" has finally realized it's true potential.
As you know, Man or Astro-man? has been developing the "internet" for decades now, primarily to provide effective communication between our many earth-based research facilities. Unfortunately for you, there has been essentially no truly beneficial uses of the "internet" for humans.
Until now.

We now invite you to put finally the "internet" to work in support of Astro-progress and request your participation in helping us develop the Astro Linear Temporal Info Nub (aka Astro Timeline).

We enlist you, the humans, to add Astro-content to this site.
- Got a cool photo or video from a live Astro-show?
- Know of an Astro-video on YouTube?
- Got an interesting Astro-merchandise item or t-shirt?
- You get the idea...

Using the Timeline Entry Form, you can submit your items to be added to the timeline.
It will be much appreciated by Man or Astro-man? and fans and Wwe hope that over time, with your help, this site will become a massive archive of Astro-related debris. Now get to work!